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Ultimate Fitness Events (UFE) hosts live natural fitness and bodybuilding competitions, but when 2020 hit, our competitors didn't have an opportunity to compete and stay engaged.

We quickly got to work on finding a way to keep our #UFEnation motivated through trying times. Online fitness competitions were being tried by other organizations, but the response to them was lukewarm.

We then realized that the best way to emulate our event experience was to provide an opportunity to stay motivated through competition and camaraderie...enter our 14-day Ultimate Fitness Challenge.

We launched our first pilot of the Challenge in July 2020 and the response was overwhelming. With just days to get the word out and no paid promotion, we had nearly 120 people from 4 countries register to join the Challenge.

Amazingly, the challengers came from all walks of life, all fitness levels and all ages. We were beginning to see that the desire to be challenged and experience camaraderie was far from limited to our competitors.

The engagement among the challengers in our Facebook group was beyond our expectations and our challengers couldn't get enough of the daily challenges. When our first Challenge came to an end, there was a swift demand for us to bring it back.

And so we have - three unique challenges. Each a series of 14 daily challenges that will test your fitness, your stamina and your mental grit. The best part? You can do the challenges from anywhere with little or no equipment!

So, if you're looking for a way to test your limits, achieve your best and earn a little hardware, you've come to the right place.


A Different Kind of Virtual Challenge...

It’s Personal

Online virtual races are impersonal:  run the distance; log it on an app. 

Our Challenges will be delivered LIVE each and every day with a chance for you to ask questions, interact and get real, live motivation.


Your challenges must be recorded and uploaded to our group each day so you will be accountable to pushing yourself.  You’ll see other challengers doing the same and have a chance to feed off each other’s energy and determination.  You just won’t get that from looking at a screen shot of someone’s Strava route.

Real Camaraderie

The challenges may be virtual, but the camaraderie is real.  Everyone will be doing the same challenges alongside you each and every day.  Our community will celebrate all of your efforts, whether it’s being able to achieve your own personal best or whether you put up the best time of the challenge.  We are all in this together, watching each other get better, every single day.


Seeing others push themselves to their limits tends to wake up our competitive side and whether that competitive side inspires you to try to win or whether it inspires you to achieve your own personal best, in any case, you’ll be better for it.

Real, Awesome Prizes

When you cross the finish line of each challenge, you deserve a little recognition.  That’s why we’ll be awarding all finishers with a beautiful printable finisher certificate and a stunning finisher’s medal that you’ll definitely want to add to your collection (or start your collection!). 

Plus – all challengers who complete all three challenges will earn the incredible Trifecta medal and we can promise, you will definitely want to show this one off to everyone you know!

Want even more?  You can add an awesome, exclusive finisher shirt to your finisher loot.  Each challenge has its own sweet looking shirt.

You Win, Mother Earth Wins! 

That’s right, Mother Earth is (literally) rooting you on too because when you complete your entire Challenge, we’ll plant a tree on your behalf courtesy of our partner, One Tree Planted.


Get ready to awaken your body with a series of basic movements suitable for all ages and experience levels.

But don’t be fooled. 

When you are pushing yourself to your limits these definitely will not feel “easy.”

No Equipment Required

Push yourself to the next level with a series of circuits, plyometrics and advanced bodyweight movements designed to challenge even the most experienced fitness enthusiast or athlete.

We don’t call it “The Apocolypse” for nothing!

No Equipment Required

Next Challenge:  TBA >>

Our final challenge in the trifecta will mix things up with everything from basic movements to circuits, plyometrics and some challenges requiring basic weights such as dumbells or creative household items.

Finish these challenges and earn your title as a BEAST!

Dumbells or other household items will be used.



Each day, there will be a unique challenge announced in the private Facebook group the night before you must submit your video.


After you are presented with the daily challenge, you will record yourself doing the challenge and upload it to the private FB group.


Keep coming back to the group for new daily challenges, celebrate your fellow challengers as they give their all each day as well. Push one another to achieve personal bests and do things that you thought you never could.

Be a Part of a World Wide Community!

You won't be alone in this Challenge. You'll be part of a worldwide community of people who will be there to help motivate you, celebrate you and of course Challenge you.

Sometimes, trying to challenge ourselves isn't enough. It's why we go to the gym to see others grinding along with us. It's why we use vacations and weddings as goal dates so that we can look our best by a certain date when we know there may be a few eyes on us. It's why we compete because knowing others are bringing their best, inspires us to bring our best.

But if you know UFE, you know that those who join our family are as much about camaraderie as they are about competition. Expect big virtual high fives all around from our Challenge community.

Don't Take Our Word For It, Check Out OUR PAST CHALLENGERS!

More Testimonials From OUR CHALLENGERS...

Who Loves Prizes?

Because we have some pretty awesome ones to recognize our Challengers with!

Your Gift to Mother Earth

We’re proud to support the “One Tree Planted” charity by having a tree planted on behalf of each and every challenger that finishes their challenge.  Trees are planted all over the world by this organization and one (for every challenge you complete) will be in your honor!

Beautiful Finisher’s Medal

Committing to a challenge, pushing yourself and testing your mental grit is pretty awesome and that’s why we recognize all of our finishers with awesome bling.  Our solid metal finisher medals will definitely be a great addition (or start) to your collection.  Each challenge has its own unique medal and for those who complete all three challenges, our TRIFECTA finisher medal will be the ultimate addition to even the most impressive collections.

Printable Finisher Certificate

A beautiful printable finisher’s certificate will be sent to you right away after you finish your challenge.  Proudly share your accomplishments with your family and friends because you earned it!

Awesome Finisher Shirt

Not everyone wants to wear their medal around every day (but we wouldn’t judge you if you do!), so what better way to remember your accomplishment than to add one of our sweet finisher shirts to your finisher loot.  Wear your shirt with pride anywhere you go, including the gym.

Coveted Winner’s Trophy

A little healthy competition can be a great motivator, so we’ll be recognizing our male and female winners with stunning trophies that can be proudly displayed as a lasting symbol of accomplishment.

Amazing Supplements

Throughout the challenge we’ll have random draws for daily challenge finishers for high quality performance supplements courtesy of Crystalink Performance.

Sweet Swag

UFE has some pretty sweet looking apparel and we love to see people wearing it, so we’ll also be giving away hoodies throughout the challenge to daily challenge finishers.

We've got A's for your Q's

+How much does it cost to register?

Registration for a single challenge is just $29.97 USD with discounts up to 20% when you register for more than one Challenge. Your registration includes a beautiful finishers medal (as long as you finish!). You can also upgrade your registration with awesome swag or custom supplement stacks at awesome discounts.

+I'm not a ripped bodybuilder; can I actually compete?

Absolutely! Challenges are not scored based on physique at all. They are tests of your fitness, your stamina and your mental grit. All Challenges are designed to be inclusive of as many different kinds of fitness enthusiasts and athletes as possible. 

+When is the deadline to register?

In general, the last day to register for any Challenge is on the Challenge start date. However, it would be a good idea to register earlier so you have a chance to settle into the group, get up to speed with all the info you'll need to know and get to know some of your fellow challengers!

+Are there divisions like male/female and age groups?

Men and women will be grouped separately. Age groups will be considered based on the number of challengers in each Challenge. But whether you're 20 or you're 60, it's time to leave the excuses behind, because your #1 competition is YOU!

+How do you win the Challenge?

Each daily Challenge will have up to 20 points for grabs. The 1st place winner will earn 20 points with declining points being awarded to 2nd through 7th. All challenge finishers will receive at least 1 point. In addition, challengers can receive 2 points for each person they refer to the Challenge up to a maximum of 20 points!

+Do I have to live in a certain country or region to win?

Not at all. This is a Challenge open to anyone 18 years of age and above, from any city, country, state/province or region.

+How do you know who wins each daily challenge?

Each challenger will be required to clearly record themselves doing the daily challenge with no obstructions. The videos must be submitted each day to the private Facebook group by 9pm Eastern.

+What kind of prizes can I earn?

All Challengers who finish any particular Challenge will earn a digital certificate that can be shared online and even printed (Hey, why not?). In addition, finishers will be sent a gorgeous custom finisher medal. All Challengers will also be eligible for awesome prize giveaways and draws throughout. Winners will receive a beautiful Champion's trophy. It will definitely be a show stopper in your current (or NEW) collection. AND...for those who manage to conquer all 3 Challenges, we have the incredible Trifecta Medal!



We'd love to have you a part of this incredible journey of competition and camaraderie, but when the Challenge begins, we won't be letting anyone else in. So be sure to register no later than the Challenge start date!

This Challenge will motivate you to push yourself to the next level and to do things you thought you couldn't. Don't miss out on the opportunity to show the world (and yourself) what you've got!